Reports and Arrests

On 01/09/2017 at 06:15 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from Motor Vehicle at Patricia Ellen. I spoke with complainant/ victim, who advised officers he parked his White Chevy Silverado at approximately 2200 hours on 1/08/2017 in the driveway of the residence at Patricia Ellen. He went to head to work at approximately 0550 hours on 1/09/2017 and noticed the door to his truck open. He looked inside his truck and noticed the items in his center console to be scattered throughout the vehicle and his black model 22 Glock (valued at $600) a uncle Mike's holster (valued at $50) and an extra magazine(valued at $30) stolen from vehicle. Officer observed no damaged to the vehicle and believes he mistakenly left the driver door unlocked.

On 1-9-17 at approx. 0941 hrs I was dispatched to Silverwood in regards to an auto burglary. Upon arrival I spoke with the victim/complainant who advised that when she went to get into her vehicle on toady's date, she noticed that someone had gone through her vehicle. The complainant stated that she did not enter the vehicle and that when she opened the driver’s side car door she noticed her property scattered all over the vehicle. The complainant advised that she does have security cameras that point toward the vehicle. The complainant was able to pull up video of the auto burglary which showed a black 4-door vehicle with tinted windows enter the subdivision at approx. 1315 hrs. and park in front her residence. There is no video showing the suspect getting out of the vehicle but it does show a unknown m/b walk from the front of her residence and go straight toward the complainants vehicle which was left unlocked and parked in the driveway. The m/b then walks up to the passenger side front door of the vehicle and opens the door. The m/b then enters the vehicle and goes through all the complainants’ property. The m/b then exits the vehicle and starts walking toward the complainant’s other vehicle which was parked behind the complainants. The m/b attempts to open the passenger side door but was unable to gain entry due to the vehicle being locked. The m/b then walked back toward the front of the residence and can be seen leaving the neighborhood at approx. 1326 hrs.

On Monday 01/09/2017 at approximately 19:48 hours Officer was dispatched to Gailyn Dr. in regard to a fraud complaint. I arrived and spoke with the complainant/ victim. The victim advised that she received a call from AT&T about an unknown woman suspect attempting to open up another account with them while she already has an AT&T account. AT&T advised the victim that the suspect did use the victim's social security number but was unable to provide a correct or past address for the victim. The victim advised that the suspect was unable to open an account through AT&T but wanted the event documented. The victim also advised that her credit score has recently dropped due to an entry from Verizon. The victim advised she did not have a Verizon account, but could not provide any additional information.

On 01/10/2017 at 07:30 hours, Officer responded to Arson at 5688 Woodlawn. Officer was informed on that a trash can was on fire in the main building yesterday 1-09-2017 approximately 1420 hours. Officer reviewed the surveillance cameras and observed 18 year old adult student hover over a trash can at approximately 1419 hours and walk away. Approximately 2 minutes later, Officer observed a flame coming from the trash can. At that moment, 3 female students walked in the door, observed the fire and started to run. Suspect waived his Miranda rights and admitted to setting the trash can on fire. He advised, it was supposed to be a joke and thought it would be funny. Suspect was transported to Bartlett City Jail for booking and processing.

On 01/10/2017 at 21:50 hours, Officer responded to an Aggravated Assault / Shots Fired at Trail Creek Ln. Upon arrival R/O spoke with complainant / victim who advised that his house had just been shot at. R/O noted that the front of the victim's residence did have 4 apparent bullet holes, located near the front door and windows. Scene officers additionally located (5) .40 caliber Smith and Wesson shell casings lying in the street, in front of the residence. The complainant stated that a short time before the shooting occurred, he had located male suspect inside his residence. The complaint stated that the suspect is his daughter's, juvenile victim boyfriend, and that he had entered into the house uninvited, and without his knowledge. The complaint advised that he confronted the suspect about sneaking into the residence, and about dating his underage daughter, and then demanded he leave the property. The complainant stated that the shooting occurred a short time after the confrontation, and that he believed the suspect Whitten was responsible. Juvenile victim voluntarily showed scene officers’ cell phone text messages, and Facebook messages sent from the suspect, in which he implied his involvement, by stating that he was "sorry", and "I regret it, but it's done". All evidence was photographed on scene by Crime Scene Officer. ISD was contacted and Detectives made the scene to process the evidence, and take over the investigation. The scene was released to ISD for further investigation.

On 01/11/2017 at 06:05 hours, Officer responded to Bartlett Center (Mathis Tire and Auto Service) in regards to an alarm call. Upon arrival, R/O observed the glass of the front door to the lobby and one of the window panes on a bay door broken at the above mentioned business. Soon afterwards complainant who was a service manager for the business made the scene. With his assistance, R/O was able to make entry into the business and observed that the cash drawer had been pried open. Complainant informed R/O that $150 had been taken from the drawer. The alarm company notified dispatch of the alarm at 0551 hours on this day and the company received the alarm at 0542 hours on this day.

On 01/11/2017 at 8:14AM Officer was called to Fairway View Circle West in regard to a unauthorized use of a vehicle. Upon arrival Officer spoke with the victim/complainant who stated that on 01/10/2017 at approx 17:30Hrs she loaned her vehicle to suspect to use to go see someone about a job. Suspect left with the car and was supposed to return the vehicle last evening but still has possession of the vehicle as of this morning. Victim has continually attempted to call, text and Facebook the suspect with no response.

On 01/16/2017 at 23:03 hours, Officer responded to a Burglary/Non-residential at Blackwell Street. Upon arrival, R/O spoke with complainant / victim who advised that over approximately the past two months they noticed various items missing from the shed in their backyard. Victims advised that they believe an unknown suspect(s) was entering their backyard through a hole in their fence and broke into the shed on more than one occasion. Victims stated the first time they noticed the unlawful entry, it appeared the suspect broke the hinges on the door. R/O was unable to observe any signs of forced entry into the shed. Victim advised he fixed the door prior to reporting the theft. Victims advised the following items were taken from the shed: Snap-On Ratchet, sockets, and wrenches valued at approximately $650; Deep well and standard sockets valued at approximately $50; Craftsman Ratchet, sockets, and wrenches valued at approximately $250; two small and 2 large jack stands valued at approximately $240; two car batteries valued at approximately $160; two 100 foot extension cords valued at approximately $100; two Craftsman vice grips valued at approximately $20. 



Lieutenant Todd Halford

Bartlett Police Department, Public Affairs and Education