Reports and Arrests

On 11-21-16 at 1215hrs I was dispatched to Bartlett Boulevard in regard to a theft complaint. Upon arrival I spoke with victim/complainant via phone. Victim said that on today’s date he discovered that his City of Bartlett green garbage can and his orange Echo hedge trimmer were missing. He stated that he is not sure when he last saw the trimmer but that the garbage can was seen yesterday at his residence in the driveway. He also stated that he believes the suspect(s) went into his garage because he kept the trimmer inside the garage. He valued the hedge trimmer at approximately $250 and the garbage can at approximately $25.

 On 11/22/2016 at 05:22 hours, Officer responded to a burglary at Allstar Sweets, 7876 Stage Hills, suite 106. Upon arrival made contact with the owner/complainant who stated that at approximately 2025 hours on 11/20/2016 his business was burglarized. The unknown suspect used a hammer to break the front door glass and make entry into the business. The suspect then went directly to a file cabinet in the rear of the business and removed a cash box. The cash box (valued at $20) contained $200 cash and an old debit card inside. The suspect immediately fled the scene without touching anything else in the business. At The time of the incident, suspect description was taken from the business's indoor security camera footage.

 On Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 11:19 hours Officer was dispatched to 3051 #3 (Kim's Nail) in regards to theft from motor vehicle. Officer made contact with complainant/victim who stated that suspect #1 (unknown female/black) took her purse out of her vehicle. Victim stated that she left Kim's Nail salon and got into her white Cadillac and drove around the build on the south side closest to Mt. Palomar Drive when suspect #1 flagged her down saying she ran over some glass in the parking lot. Victim got out of her vehicle to check her rear tires. Suspect #1 walked around vehicle to help her check the tires and when Victim went to the driver's side of the vehicle that is when the suspect #1 opened the passenger side door and took her light brown leather purse. Victim described Suspect #1 as young black female (25-30 years old) about 170lbs with long hair, wearing a white tee shirt, blue jeans, and a white baseball cap. Suspect #2 was described as a tall male/black (6’3" to 6’5") about 230lbs, wearing a red bomber jacket (red jacket with white sleeves) and jeans. Officer then went into 3051 Kirby-Whitten suite #1 (Donut Box) to see if there was video available of the side of the build where the incident occurred. Officer advised that suspect #1 and suspect #2 entered the Donut Box around 10:56 hours and purchased one (1) donut. The video revealed that when the suspects entered the Donut Box, a gray Chev crew cab pick-up truck backed into a parking space on the east side of the building. The suspects spent approximately 10 minutes inside the Donut Box and while inside Suspect #2 attempted to take a cell phone and a purse which were located behind the counter. Suspect #2 attempted to take the items but was unsuccessful then the suspects left the Donut Box and entered the nail salon.  Suspects’ photos have been released to the public.

On (11/22/16) at approx. (1235)hrs. Officer was dispatched to Gingerhill regarding Vandalism. Upon arrival, Officer was met by the Victim/ Complainant who stated that between (11/08/16) at approx. (0100)hrs. and (11/22/16) at approx. (0430)hrs. unknown Suspect(s) have either punctured or let the air out of all (4) Firestone (235/75/r17) tires. These tires are on his (2011) Ford F150 truck.

On 11/22/2016 at 13:15PM Officer was called to 2798 Bartlett Blvd (Damron Dental Care) in regard to a fraud. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with the victim/complainant. The complainant stated that on 11/21/2016 at approx 15:40PM, an unknown person contacted him by phone stating that they were from MLG&W claiming he was late on his bill and unless it was paid immediately they would be disconnecting his power to his office building. The complainant went to Kroger and purchased a MoneyPak gift card for $500 and gave the card information to the suspect. The complainant later realized he was swindled out of the money.

Reporting Officer on 11-22-2016 at 1400 made contact with the compl/victim at 3730 Appling Rd regarding theft of a license plate. Compl. advised between the dates of 11-15-2016 and 11-22-2016 unknown person(s) removed TN license plate from the rear of her 2012 Hyundai while it was parked in the driveway of her residence in the Summerhill area. 

On 11/22/2016 at approximately 16:59 hours, Officers responded to an attempted aggravated burglary call at Robin Hill Dr. Upon arrival officers made contact with the complainant/victim who informed officers that he left for work at approximately, 0830 hours and returned home at approximately 15:45 hours. He believes that unidentified individuals attempted to make entry to his home via his side door. Upon inspection the door did appear to have damage (approx. value $400) consistent with someone attempting to push the door in. It did not appear that entry had been made. 

On 11/23/2016 at approximately 0030 Hours Officer was on routine patrol in the area of Stage and Court. While on patrol Officer observed F/W Suspect (Tiffany Wallis) walking in the Planet Fitness parking lot at 5740 Stage Road. Officer then went to the East side of the lot and turned the patrol cars lights off to observe her suspicious activity. Officer observed her walk up to approximately 5 vehicles on the lot and look inside them as if she was looking for items inside the vehicles. Officer then observed Suspect walk S/B towards Stage Road where I made contact and detained her. Officer then performed a routine computer check of her GA DL#, which revealed her to have a misdemeanor Warrant in Bartlett for failure to appear in a misdemeanor case. Suspect also had several Warrants in Georgia for various offenses. Officer then placed Suspect into custody for the Warrant and began to ask her why she was looking into vehicles on the parking lot. Suspect advised she had been working out with friends and got done early so she went outside to the parking lot. Suspect advised she was there with her friends and they were all inside finishing up there workout. Officer then walked inside and looked for the three friends, but they were not inside the facility. Officer then made contact with a Planet Fitness employee who advised the Suspect and her three friends were not in the facility at any time that evening. Officer continued to question Suspect about her intentions and she advised she was trying to find her friend’s car because she left cigarettes in it. Officer advised Employee and the patrons in Planet Fitness to contact BPD if they observed any items missing from their vehicles. Officer then transported Suspect to BPD Headquarters for booking and processing.

On 11/24/2016 at 18:25 hours, Officer responded to a Motor vehicle theft at 6072 Stage Rd. Upon arrival I spoke with the victim who advised he entered the business on the above date at approximately 18:10 hours and exited the business at 18:20 hours to discover that his Toyota Corolla was stolen. The victim stated he was only in the business for approximately 10 minutes and left his keys in the ignition with the doors unlocked. While speaking with the victim, Officer observed the vehicle traveling East on Stage Rd preparing to turn North on to Bartlett Crest Dr. Officers initiated their emergency lights while the vehicle traveled through the Bartlett Height apartment and turned back west onto Stage Rd. Officer positioned himself in an attempt to identify the occupants and stop the suspect vehicle. The driver struck Officer's vehicle #5042 on the rear passenger side bumper. The driver intentionally struck Officer as to cause serious bodily injury. After striking vehicle #5042 the suspect began to flee west on Stage Rd. The suspect vehicle turned south onto Bartlett Blvd into Memphis and continued to ignore all attempts for the Officers to stop the vehicle. At this point, MPD began assisting. The suspect vehicle made an abrupt turn through the gas station on the corner of Hollywood and James Rd, proceeding to turn East onto James Rd. During this time Officer approached the vehicle and slowed to a stop at which time the suspect vehicle collided into the front driver side bumper of Officer’s vehicle #5090, before turning North onto New Allen. The driver of the suspect vehicle lost control of the vehicle and collided with a utility pole at Walnut and Cypress. The occupants were then apprehended by Bartlett Police and MPD. The driver was identified as Suspect Tiffany Wallis. The passenger was identified as Suspect Michael Delancellotti.

On 11/26/2016 at 15:28 hours Officer responded to a Theft from Motor Vehicle at Bright Star Lane. I arrived and spoke with the complainant/ victim who advised he noticed his Tennessee tag valued at approximately $110 missing from his 2008 Cadillac at approximately 1515 hours this date. The Victim advised he last saw the tag on the vehicle on 11-25-2016, Friday morning. The Victim's wife drove the vehicle to her work at Delta Medical (3000 Getwell Memphis, TN 38118) on Friday between 0700-1900 hours. The Victim and his wife went to the Hollywood movie theater (6711 Stage Rd) on today's date between 1200-1430 hours. The two then went to Kroger (2942 Kirby-Whitten) between 1445-1515 hours. He noticed the tag missing when they returned to the vehicle.


Lieutenant Todd Halford

Bartlett Police Department, Public Affairs and Education